UFA Cardlock Card Options


UFA Cardlock Card

• The UFA Cardlock card is secure, with a UFA PIN that has to be entered every time you fuel up. This card gives you access to the whole network and is accepted at all UFA Petroleum locations.

• All purchases made on the card will appear on your monthly invoice.

• If you have multiple cards, your invoice will detail customer volume information with sub-totals listed for each card.  

• Card usage can be controlled by product type, time, day and by location and these features can be managed online.


UFA/Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) Card

• CFN is a network of independent commercial fuel marketers’ consisting of over 3,000 sites in the United States and commercial facilities in BC.  CFN is also accessible through Chevron Canada’s commercial facilities’ that display the CFN logo.

• With the CFN card you can fuel up at all CFN locations and charge your purchase back to your UFA account.

• This card provides a “single card solution” for customers who conduct business in Alberta, B.C., and the continental United States.

• Purchases made at CFN locations with your UFA/CFN card will appear on your monthly UFA statement and are treated like all other UFA transactions.

• CFN site prices are based on CFN daily rack and daily freight rates.  Purchases made at CFN sites with your UFA card are converted to litres and Canadian dollars at the daily exchange rate.

• Purchases made at UFA sites are treated like UFA transactions.


UFA Fuel Link Card

• Pay at any UFA Cardlock using your VISA, MasterCard or Debit card.

• All purchases will appear on your monthly credit card invoice. 

• Fuel up at UFA and receive the points or other incentives associated with your credit or debit card.

• Receipt available from the card reader receipt printer at the time of purchase.

• No detailed purchase reports accompany a Fuel Link billing, you will use your credit card billing as your record.


For more information on which UFA Fuel Card best suits your needs, please call 1-877-NO 1-FUEL. (1-877-661-3835).